Sunday, November 27, 2011

The circumcision myths that lead to genital cutting of babies

1. Circumcision is essential to your son's health, not only a myth but a lie.  The healthiest males in the world all come from Europe & Japan where circumcision of babies is very rare.  The males with lowest STI's, and highest longevity come from non-circumcision cultures.

2.  The foreskin is a useless peace of skin, your son wont need or miss it, not only a myth but a lie.  The foreskin has more erogenous nerves than the glans, the foreskin has a gliding mechanism and is full of pleasure nerves that not only facilitates sexual intercourse and masturbation for the male, but also enhances female pleasure.  And tell the 10's of thousands of men restoring their foreskins they dont need or miss their foreskin.

3.  Circumcision is a harmless procedure and your baby wont feel a thing or ever remember if he does.  That babies die from the complications of circumcision suggests it is hardly a harmless prodecure.  Complications are vast and many, just research.  Memory comes in many forms, and pain/sensory memory studies have found that circumcised babies experience greater pain response at later immunizations when compared to non-circumcised babies.

4. Its the Parents choice to decide whether the baby is circumcised.  Well this is a hotly contested claim, with many saying that ethics and human rights suggest it is in fact the owner of the foreskin who should have the right to determine whether he is circumcised or not.  That this can only occur in adulthood if fully informed consent is to be obtained.

5. Circumcision confers belonging to a socio-cultural group.  No it doesnt = cultural leaders, parents and adult beliefs constitute who can belong to a socio-cultural group, and all that is required is for those adults, parents and leaders is to say "It is now our belief that our precious baby boys born with foreskins do not require circumcision to belong to our socio-cultural group".  This has happened all throughout history, with cultures abandoning circumcision.

6. Circumcision prevents HIV/STI's. Um, no it doesnt, the USA with the highest Adult Circumcision rates in the Developed world also has the highest HIV & STI rates in the developed world.  USA 12x higher HIV than nocirc Finland USA 33x higher Gonnoreah than nocirc Holland USA 19x higher Chlamydia than nocirc Holland.

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