Thursday, November 24, 2011

The intact penis from a female perspective

Here is my current partners view of the intact penis, unedited:

"From a womens perspective - comparison - to be with a man with an intact penis vs to be with a man with a circumcised penis.
- the difference is vast - there is just no comparison - how can i put this without being too explicit?
For me the difference is like "hard and fast" and not very satisfying with circumcised, compared to smooth, cushiony orgasmic and devine with intact.
Somehow the gentle cushiony pressure of the foreskins gliding seems to just press all the right buttons if you know what i mean.
The other thing Ive noticed is with a circ penis because the glans is so dry and has an exposed ridge it seems to almost strip the wall of the vagina of its natural lubrication, often resulting in painful chaffing sex.
That never happens with a natural penis as the glans is naturally moist, and the ridge is covered by the gliding foreskin, keeping things gliding beautifully.
The difference is like "having sex" or "making love", it also seems much more intimate with an intact man. Its just as nature intended.
How could any parent allow that to be taken from a newborn son? "


  1. My wife would certainly agree with the writer.

  2. "How could any parent allow that to be taken from a newborn son?"

    Because a large majority of American men have seen nothing but cut in the locker room all their lives. A large majority of adult American women have never been intimate with an intact man. Hence the vast majority of adult Americans, the sort of people who teach and write about sex, know nothing about the sexual virtues of the intact penis. They are often deeply ignorant about very the most elementary facts about the intact penis.

    I am intact and can assure all of you that a lot of American writing about sex, both educational and fictional, is seriously underinformed because of the unconscious assumption that penises are all bald and have no loose skin.

    Your partner is not the first American woman to notice that some cut men tend to thrust too fast and too hard, with attendant friction, and that intact men deliver more satisfying intercourse. The truth about intact intercourse will not come out of the closet until the 45% intact generation born in recent years is 20 something, at which time the typical women sex blogger will have ample experience with both flavours of men.

  3. - It saddens me to think that a vast majority of Adult Americans know very little about the sexual virtues of the intact penis. Understanding it is difficult for circumcised men to accept, surely they want the best for their sons. ignorance will only serve to prolong the cruel practise that circumcision is.
    SPEAKING UP ABOUT IT - breaking the silence on how problematic circumcised intercourse can be for both male and female partners can help educate people. Its unbelievable that any parent armed with all the up to date correct information about circumcision would ever choose it for their son. The key here is for new parents to be correctly informed, maybe some of the educators need to be better educated ?!!! I hope in decades to come we will read about circumcision as a historical, barbaric. medical blunder!!!
    If Ian's Blog has helped one more person today to make the right choice and keep their newborn son natural and intact and NOT circumcise him, then thats a step in the right direction.

  4. Here's another perspective on the "hard and fast" issue, from the mother of an intact adult son, and the author of the upcoming book "Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers": circumcision is where sex and violence first meet. It is a trauma, both the restraint and the ablation; and the recovery period is also painful. Anesthesia (rarely used anyway) isn't very effective, and certainly doesn't address the recovery pain.

    Aside from the stimulation need, I believe (and have read others' opinions) that there is a dimension of the "hard and fast" dynamic that is about underlying (and unconscious, of course) anger--even rage--at the woman (mother), who didn't protect him from that primal invasion and agony. I know it may sound far-out, but it's worth considering. Only 5% of our actions and behaviors are driven by conscious means; 95% is unconscious, habitual, automatic... and many of the imprints driving that 95% are experiences during our first three years, as well as our prenatal life and birth--and... right after birth, a window when lifelong brain circuitry for empathy, intimacy, and other social-intelligence functions wires up. Circumcision is a violent imprint that surely undercuts some of these potentials.

  5. Wow Thank you DocMarcy !!
    This is a brilliant perspective - very thought provoking!!!
    There seems to be an ever increasing and on-going list of negative issues emerging from those "violent imprints" of infant circumcision trauma.
    You are clearly one of the Educated Educators.
    What would it take for your book to be a "Bestseller"?? and possibly available to all new parents??

  6. My dad was intact but always wished he was circumcised—but was too chicken to get it done—so he insisted my brother was going to be circumcised.

    He wanted to be circumcised because he was an alcoholic and got bad yeast infections—that burned—under the foreskin. It's probably true that he wouldn't have had as much yeast overgrowth if it didn't have a place to breed.

    And naturally, he had no clue of the huge difference sexually between intact and cut, in the same way that most circumcised men can't fathom what it's like to have a foreskin.

    1. Ethically, Your father should've had himself circumcised and left his son, your brother to make the decision for himslef. If he washed properly he might've avoided any probs at all. He probably loved alcohol too much to care about anything else, addictions are horrible for family members. I'm sorry that was your experience of having a father.

    2. Circumcised men also get yeast infections on their glans/mucosa. It's a wake up call to diabetes.

  7. Very happy my Husband is English and in his natural state. American circ is not very enjoyable, not how it's meant to be. And I vehemently oppose child abuse

  8. I agree completely and my experience is pretty much the same.

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