Saturday, November 26, 2011

The way a penis looks from an intact perspective

The other area where an intact penis gets bad press in America is supposedly the way it looks?

Well from an intact man's perspective, one way to describe the way an intact penis looks is that it looks "normal and natural" particularly to an intact man, and the people of an intact penis culture.  The natural penis, is a moody organ. It varies from flaccid where it is covered and protected, and changes as it begins to get aroused and it grows and the foreskin slowly retracts by itself, to when the penis is fully erect and the foreskin had been retracted all the way back.  The natural penis is a moody penis with varying looks?

As for attractiveness, well thats just so subjective, its moodiness means that its attractiveness varies according to the mood and sexual arousal of the owner, along with the mood and sexual arousal of the sexual partner.  Its what you are used to as well.

The circumcised penis, does not look attractive to me, yet Americans seem to think its attractive?  To me it looks scarred, dried out, diminished, dull, colourless, abnormal, but thats just my subjectivity!

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  1. "it looks scarred, dried out, dimi(ni)shed, dull, colourless, abnormal, but thats just my subjectivity! "
    It looks, and feels, exactly the same to me, and that is REALITY! I know that because I have one exactly the same.