Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hygeine & the Intact Penis

Pro-Circumcision propaganda would lead you to believe that this is an impossible task, that the intact penis is unclean.  The intact penis is normal human anatomy, there is nothing unclean about it.

The secret with hygeine and the intact penis, is............ wait for it............. to wash!!!!!!

In children the foreskin is usually fused to the glans, and to retract and wash will only cause irritation and damage, sometimes requiring a circumcision (probably why procircs are always on about retracting babies foreskins and washing the glans).  Just wipe like a finger, leaving the foreskin where it is.  As the male grows and the foreskin naturally retracts, then pulling back and washing can be performed.  However, I would only recommend this for sexually mature adolescents, children might find this painful and irritating.

I've never had a problem with hygeine because I wash. I shower. I bathe.  I clean myself.  Do I need to say it in any other terms?

Not sure there's much more to say.  Ya just wash it.

The procircers would have you believe its impossible to stay clean or some other such bullshit.  Nah ya just wash it!!!!!!

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  1. I never bought into this idea that uncut meant unclean and hard to keep clean. Just wash the frigging thing for crying out loud. But common sense aside, I've talked to uncut guys and they all say the same thing- Hygiene is not a problem unless you let it become a problem. In other words wash the penis the way you wash any other part of your body. No big deal really. The circumcisionists are really reaching with this one.