Monday, November 21, 2011

The best bits of an intact penis

Often not well-understood, the best bits of an intact penis become exposed as the foreskin is gently pulled back and also when it is fully retracted.

As the foreskin is pulled back, and when it is approximately half way across the glans, the rigid band (frenar band) nerve structures are exposed to stimulation, and exquisitely pleasurable.   If your partner orally stimulates the rigid band when it is half way down the glans, the glans (with different pleasure sensations) is also stimulated providing a blending of the 2 diverse pleasure sensations.  Circumcision deprives men of this.

When the foreskin is fully rolled back all of the rigid band pleasure nerves are exposed and the intact frenulum itself is fully exposed, and it feels more pleasurable to have those stimulated than the glans, however as the glans is also stimulated simultaneously.   Again with simultaneous stimulation of retracted foreskin and glans together provides a cascade of blended pleasures.

The gliding ability of the foreskin also provides pleasure. The other aspect of the foreskin is because it has different sensory nerves to the glans, it not only feels different and more pleasureable, but when it glides aback and forth over the glans, it creates an interaction of two difference pleasures like a blended combined pleasure, which create a physiological sensory ecstacy.

Its a fallacy that when the foreskin is fully rolled back its just like being circumcised and therefore not needed, just more procirc BS.  The best bits of the foreskin are exposed when the foreskin in fully retracted, and the major pleasure source of the intact penis.  When this sensory pleasure is combined with the pleasure sensations of the glans you experience the height of pleasure as nature and evolution (Or GOD) intended for you.  Circumcision deprives males of this.

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