Sunday, November 27, 2011

The circumcision myths that lead to genital cutting of babies

1. Circumcision is essential to your son's health, not only a myth but a lie.  The healthiest males in the world all come from Europe & Japan where circumcision of babies is very rare.  The males with lowest STI's, and highest longevity come from non-circumcision cultures.

2.  The foreskin is a useless peace of skin, your son wont need or miss it, not only a myth but a lie.  The foreskin has more erogenous nerves than the glans, the foreskin has a gliding mechanism and is full of pleasure nerves that not only facilitates sexual intercourse and masturbation for the male, but also enhances female pleasure.  And tell the 10's of thousands of men restoring their foreskins they dont need or miss their foreskin.

3.  Circumcision is a harmless procedure and your baby wont feel a thing or ever remember if he does.  That babies die from the complications of circumcision suggests it is hardly a harmless prodecure.  Complications are vast and many, just research.  Memory comes in many forms, and pain/sensory memory studies have found that circumcised babies experience greater pain response at later immunizations when compared to non-circumcised babies.

4. Its the Parents choice to decide whether the baby is circumcised.  Well this is a hotly contested claim, with many saying that ethics and human rights suggest it is in fact the owner of the foreskin who should have the right to determine whether he is circumcised or not.  That this can only occur in adulthood if fully informed consent is to be obtained.

5. Circumcision confers belonging to a socio-cultural group.  No it doesnt = cultural leaders, parents and adult beliefs constitute who can belong to a socio-cultural group, and all that is required is for those adults, parents and leaders is to say "It is now our belief that our precious baby boys born with foreskins do not require circumcision to belong to our socio-cultural group".  This has happened all throughout history, with cultures abandoning circumcision.

6. Circumcision prevents HIV/STI's. Um, no it doesnt, the USA with the highest Adult Circumcision rates in the Developed world also has the highest HIV & STI rates in the developed world.  USA 12x higher HIV than nocirc Finland USA 33x higher Gonnoreah than nocirc Holland USA 19x higher Chlamydia than nocirc Holland.

Intact men & the Circumcision choice

As an Intact Male I have the choice to be circumcised or not.  My foreskin has served me extremely well over my 56 years years, and I would have to be insane to choose circumcision for myself.

Of all my friends, family members, coleagues, acquaintences that I know of whom are intact, not one has ever chosen circumcision for themselves.  In fact research shows that in the developed world very few adult intact men ever choose to have themselves circumcised.

hmmmm........... Tell you something?  This is the reason those obsessed with circumcision insist on infant circumcision bec intact adult men refuse it

Infant circumcision permantly removes this choice from adult males and therefore a human rights violation.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The way a penis looks from an intact perspective

The other area where an intact penis gets bad press in America is supposedly the way it looks?

Well from an intact man's perspective, one way to describe the way an intact penis looks is that it looks "normal and natural" particularly to an intact man, and the people of an intact penis culture.  The natural penis, is a moody organ. It varies from flaccid where it is covered and protected, and changes as it begins to get aroused and it grows and the foreskin slowly retracts by itself, to when the penis is fully erect and the foreskin had been retracted all the way back.  The natural penis is a moody penis with varying looks?

As for attractiveness, well thats just so subjective, its moodiness means that its attractiveness varies according to the mood and sexual arousal of the owner, along with the mood and sexual arousal of the sexual partner.  Its what you are used to as well.

The circumcised penis, does not look attractive to me, yet Americans seem to think its attractive?  To me it looks scarred, dried out, diminished, dull, colourless, abnormal, but thats just my subjectivity!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The intact penis from a female perspective

Here is my current partners view of the intact penis, unedited:

"From a womens perspective - comparison - to be with a man with an intact penis vs to be with a man with a circumcised penis.
- the difference is vast - there is just no comparison - how can i put this without being too explicit?
For me the difference is like "hard and fast" and not very satisfying with circumcised, compared to smooth, cushiony orgasmic and devine with intact.
Somehow the gentle cushiony pressure of the foreskins gliding seems to just press all the right buttons if you know what i mean.
The other thing Ive noticed is with a circ penis because the glans is so dry and has an exposed ridge it seems to almost strip the wall of the vagina of its natural lubrication, often resulting in painful chaffing sex.
That never happens with a natural penis as the glans is naturally moist, and the ridge is covered by the gliding foreskin, keeping things gliding beautifully.
The difference is like "having sex" or "making love", it also seems much more intimate with an intact man. Its just as nature intended.
How could any parent allow that to be taken from a newborn son? "

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hygeine & the Intact Penis

Pro-Circumcision propaganda would lead you to believe that this is an impossible task, that the intact penis is unclean.  The intact penis is normal human anatomy, there is nothing unclean about it.

The secret with hygeine and the intact penis, is............ wait for it............. to wash!!!!!!

In children the foreskin is usually fused to the glans, and to retract and wash will only cause irritation and damage, sometimes requiring a circumcision (probably why procircs are always on about retracting babies foreskins and washing the glans).  Just wipe like a finger, leaving the foreskin where it is.  As the male grows and the foreskin naturally retracts, then pulling back and washing can be performed.  However, I would only recommend this for sexually mature adolescents, children might find this painful and irritating.

I've never had a problem with hygeine because I wash. I shower. I bathe.  I clean myself.  Do I need to say it in any other terms?

Not sure there's much more to say.  Ya just wash it.

The procircers would have you believe its impossible to stay clean or some other such bullshit.  Nah ya just wash it!!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The best bits of an intact penis

Often not well-understood, the best bits of an intact penis become exposed as the foreskin is gently pulled back and also when it is fully retracted.

As the foreskin is pulled back, and when it is approximately half way across the glans, the rigid band (frenar band) nerve structures are exposed to stimulation, and exquisitely pleasurable.   If your partner orally stimulates the rigid band when it is half way down the glans, the glans (with different pleasure sensations) is also stimulated providing a blending of the 2 diverse pleasure sensations.  Circumcision deprives men of this.

When the foreskin is fully rolled back all of the rigid band pleasure nerves are exposed and the intact frenulum itself is fully exposed, and it feels more pleasurable to have those stimulated than the glans, however as the glans is also stimulated simultaneously.   Again with simultaneous stimulation of retracted foreskin and glans together provides a cascade of blended pleasures.

The gliding ability of the foreskin also provides pleasure. The other aspect of the foreskin is because it has different sensory nerves to the glans, it not only feels different and more pleasureable, but when it glides aback and forth over the glans, it creates an interaction of two difference pleasures like a blended combined pleasure, which create a physiological sensory ecstacy.

Its a fallacy that when the foreskin is fully rolled back its just like being circumcised and therefore not needed, just more procirc BS.  The best bits of the foreskin are exposed when the foreskin in fully retracted, and the major pleasure source of the intact penis.  When this sensory pleasure is combined with the pleasure sensations of the glans you experience the height of pleasure as nature and evolution (Or GOD) intended for you.  Circumcision deprives males of this.

What its like to have an intact penis?

I was born of European descent and my parents were horrified at the idea of infant circumcision which was common in Australia in the 1950's.  I was left intact, and am now 56, and feel so greatful for my European ancestry.  We lived in a community with a large European immigrant population and circumcised penises were very rare, so foreskins always seemed normal, despite living in a circumcision culture.

As a child you dont notice anything really, its just normal.  I never pulled my foreskin back, there seemed no need or desire to do so, and during childhood virtually none of my friends or family members did either.  The odd show off would play peek a boo, by rolling his foreskin back and forth, but this was a small minority.  I never had any hygeine or genitourinary problems, nor any intact male i knew of, though I bet if a Pro-circ medical fanatic had of medically examined me, they probably would have incorrectly claimed I had phimosis and recommended a circumcision.  At age 13 the urge to retract came upon me, it happened easily and the pleasure was intense, and I then began discovering the joys of my own sexuality, and the foreskin was a major facilitator of my pleasure.

When not sexually aroused and the penis is flaccid, the foreskin covers the glans, a feeling you either are not conciously aware of or if you put your mind to it, it feels, subtle tingling, warm, and protected.  When aroused and erect, the foreskin is the major physical pleasure source of the penis.  Not only does it provide exquisite pleasure on its own, but provides a contrast of pleasures with the glans which feels different, and it also interacts with the glans, creating a cascade of different pleasure feelngs.  Another myth is that when the foreskin is fully retracted its just like being circumcised, WHAT BULLSHIT!!, when fully retracted all of the major pleasure nerves are exposed in the underside of the foreskin, and the pleasure sensations are phenomenal, if you are circumcised, you wouldn't feel the exposed pleasure nerves on the underside of the foreskin because they have been ablated.

The stretch receptors. Research has found that many of the nerves in the foreskin have the anatomy of stretch receptor nerves.  So what is the personal experience like? If I describe intercourse, when you place your penis at the opening of the vagina, the stretch receptors are activated, and as you push the foreskin stretches back, and the receptors fire away, in a sense they stop you pushing hard, because there would be sensory over-load, so you push gently and let the stretch receptors guide you.  The feeling is of pleasure, but if you push too hard or too fast the pleasure becomes too intense, and can feel like pain.  This is probably the mechanism that stops intact men pounding their partner like a jack-hammer that many women with circumcised men complain of.

The foreskin also keeps the intact penis moist and protected, its like the glans stays young, my glans looks as young as when I was a teenager.  Here's a photo comparison

My experiences with women were that they all enjoyed the foreskin, some who had been with circumcised men, had commented how much they preferred the intact penis and would never circumcise their boys.  Women seemed to enjoy performing oral sex on me, which is counter to the bullshit claims, intact men dont get oral sex.  Just more procirc propaganda.  Women have stated to me the Intact Penis is arousing and attractive in particular during stages of gradual foreskin retraction and glans exposure.  That they love watching the foreskin glide back and forth over the Glans, It TURNS THEM ON!!!!!!!

At age 56 my foreskin appears to have about 10x the sensitivity of the glans, and its gliding mechanism and interaction with the glans is probably the most physically pleasurable feeling I experience now.  My current partner says having sex with an intact man, feels as though there is a pleasurable cushioning orgasmic effect, compared to the harshness of being with a circumcised man.

In fact there's only one negative thing about having an intact penis, and thats that procirc fanatics say their is something wrong with an intact penis, but why would you ever believe or listen to anything a procirc fanatic ever had to say about an intact penis.

Here's a statement by clinical sexologists on the male foreskin:

Enough for now wont make them too long so they are easier and quicker to read.

DR Ian Wilkinson