Monday, September 25, 2017

Circumcision The jig is Up.

Circumcision The jig is Up.  For whatever reason the genital cutting of children came into being, the time is now right to end it. 

Historical reasons for circumcision are hypothesised to be blood letting rituals, tribal membership rituals, replacement for child sacrifice, a covenant with God etc.  Myths to perpetuate the practice have evolved such as its a useless piece of skin, it is dead skin, its cleaner, the child feels no pain, its a completely safe and harmless procedure, and its better for whatever reason.  Then culture invades medicine and circumcision is used to medically reduce sexuality, medically prevent masturbation, surgically cure mental illness, and surgically the only way to prevent disease.

In the 21st century, with the advent of the information age via the internet we can now dispel these myths and inform people with facts.  The foreskin is a functional sex organ providing pleasure to the individual and their partner.  Circumcision is harmful being extremely painful and it comes with many complications including death.  There are more effective medical ways to prevent disease.  Bodily integrity is a human right, and the only person who has the right to decide is the individual being circumcised.

The one difficult area in ending circumcision is the religious one.  While people such as myself who are non-believers find the religious need to circumcise primitive and absurd, those who believe are deeply disturbed at attempts to restrict their religious practices.  If it was possible to alter these beliefs my argument would be that to truly make a sacrifice, commitment, or covenant with God, one must be consciously aware in the process, which usually comes with adulthood.  It needs to be adults who decide to sacrifice their foreskin to their God, religion or whatever.  That privileges could accompany those that choose circumcision, such as the position of rabbi or imam are only available to those adults that chose circumcision for themselves.

The Jig is Up and children need our protection.

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