Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Describing the pleasure sensations of the foreskin and being intact

Given most statistical data analysis (research) into male sexual anatomy is both inadequate and crude at best.  I think I will begin a narrative testimonial, more in the case report or qualitative research paradigm.  This may inform future research methodologies.

I will describe the feeling of oral sex as performed by my wife of 23 years.

My wife will begin oral sex by leaving the foreskin covering the glans (head) and using her tounge in circular movements around the tip of the foreskin known as the frenar band which has parts of the ridged band embedded within it. The feeling is quite a sharp pleasurable sensation.  As the foreskin retracts, the tounge will touch the glans which is also pleasurable but of qualititaively different sensation, less intense than the ridged band, a duller sensation by contrast, but almost equally pleasurable.  She will then roll the foreskin half way down the glans, and lick in circular motion and gently move her open mouth in an up and down motion.  This is where the strongest interaction between the two different sensations between the foreskin and glans is most obvious.  The sensations tend to cascade together creating a combined sensation of the two contrasting sensations.  It feels extremely pleasurable, almost my favorite feeling.

She then proceeds to fully retract the foreskin and begins licking my frenulum.  The frenulum has another pleasure sensation which is similar to the ridged band, less intense but possibly more pleasurable, or just more easier to enjoy as it lacks the intensity.

She then uses her mouth to glide up and down my penis, beginning with the glans moving down over the corona and frenulum, and then it feels like my bunched up (rolled back) foreskin (Which contains the ridged band) is engaged and stretched down my shaft by the mouth and tounge. The feeling is of almost unbearable pleasure when her mouth glides over my glans, then gliding over the frenulum and corona gives the sensation of the orgasm trigger, and then stretching the bunched up foreskin (Ridged Band) down the shaft seems to be the sensation that eventually releases the orgasm (This is the most pleasurable of all the sensations). NB.  The ridged band is removed by circumcision.

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