Monday, December 10, 2012

Using a Condom with an Intact Penis

Given a condom is the only barrier method currently now available to prevent HIV, STI's and unwanted pregnancies, it is important to share information about how to use one effectively. NB. If its made of skin it can be infected.

With an intact penis what is recommended is as follows:

  • Using Lubricant facilitates pleasure, Smear a small amount of lubricant over your penis, and a dollop inside the condom.
  • Roll your foreskin as far back as it can go.
  • Grab the teat of the condom and Gently roll the condom over the entire penis.  This helps the condom take the shape of both the innner and outer foreskin and allows it to roll back and forth over the glans as would naturally occur.
  • Recommended: is sensitizing the penis with foreplay while wearing the condom, including any oral foreplay.
  • When ejaculation has occurred, grab the base of the condom and slowly remove penis from you partner.
  • Dispose of correctly.
  • Youtube Video NSFW =  NSFW 

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